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Nouveau Lashes

Pro X Rapid Adhesive

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Our fastest glue ever

We broke our records with Pro X Rapid, our fastest drying adhesive ever. With a drying time of just 0.5 seconds, this is a must-have for fast-working lash artists. Formulated with a thin viscosity for fast lash action, achieve perfect lash results in less than a second.

Developed with clean, cosmetic-grade ingredients, our Pro X adhesives are oil-resistant, water-resistant and heat-resistant once cured.

We undertake that all products have a total unopened shelf life of 4 months at the time of purchase.

Cyanacrylates are a group of fast-acting adhesives that react instantly in the presence of water, forming an extremely strong bond to the surface of anything it touches once cured

Contains no animal products or by-products and is not tested on animals

Latex is a known allergen and repeated use can increase some people's sensitivity to it, which is why we avoid using it in our products