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Nouveau Lashes


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Our first-ever fume-free adhesive, Pro X Flex, is ideal for sensitive eyes and open-eye techniques as well as lower lash application, delivering advanced results with a drying time of 2-3 seconds. This one the technique-perfecting glue is suitable for all experience levels, but ideal for eyelash artists who prefer a little more time and flexibility.

Developed with clean, cosmetic-grade ingredients, our Pro X adhesives are oil-resistant, water-resistant and heat-resistant once cured.

We undertake that all products have a total unopened shelf life of 4 months at the time of purchase.

All of the adhesives in our Pro X range contain a flexible agent to form even stronger bonds that are better able to absorb all the stresses on the lashes during wear.

Cyanacrylates are a group of fast-acting adhesives that react instantly in the presence of water, forming an extremely strong bond to the surface of anything it touches, once it has hardened

Contains no animal products or by-products and is not tested on animals

Latex is a known allergen and repeated use can increase some people's sensitivity to it, which is why we avoid using it in our products